All Gold Everything: Tracy Anderson’s New Flagship Brentwood Studio

Shelving and equipment in the main studio.

Custom shelving to display Tracy’s DVDs.

Main studio area.

I’ve been holding my breath waiting to reveal this project and am thrilled to announce that I have designed Tracy Anderson’s new flagship location in Brentwood, Los Angeles. When my friend and client Gwyneth Paltrow solicited my help to develop the space I jumped at the opportunity to bring architecture and playful design to Tracy’s workout experience. In fact, Tracy’s entire philosophy is very much architectural and scientific; she builds extraordinary bodies so I wanted to build her an extraordinary space.

Reception area.

Women’s restroom.

Women’s makeup station.

I approached the design with a mix of European sophistication and California sensibility. I drew inspiration for the space from spending summer months in Barcelona where my boys went to tennis camp. The rich materials of the city combined with its casual seaside vibe were exactly what I was looking to capture for Tracy’s studio. As the site is only 26 blocks from the pacific ocean I’ve brought a bit of the playa to the space, especially with the soft lounge sectionals in the reception area that serve as an inviting retreat after an intense workout.

Playa lounge sectional and painting by Retna.

The studio even has a blow dry bar so no matter how sweaty you get your hair will be perfect.

In Barcelona there is architectural eye candy around every corner but I have always been particularly moved by Frank Gehry’s gold and copper Fish sculpture that sits at the Port Olimpic. I am fascinated by the skeletal and geometric quality of the work and how all of its straight lines function together to create a moving form. I have transformed these elements into gold plated furniture and shelving in Tracy’s studio. Latex streamers in branded grays, whites, caramels and lavenders seem to drape softly over the main studio, but they quickly become linear bands of resistance, or torture devices (just kidding!…), during one of Tracy’s intense classes. They are as beautiful to look at, as they are tools to create beautiful physiques.

Frank Gehry’s iconic Fish sculpture in Barcelona, Spain.

This is the polished brass plated shelving inspired by Gehry’s work that I used throughout the space.

Latex streamers in branded grays, whites, caramels and lavenders hang from the ceiling and are used in Tracy’s work outs.

While I strove for sophistication in my design for the studio I also wanted to capture the playful side of Tracy’s method. So I called on one of my absolute favorite artists Retna, whose work I have been lusting after for a few years now. He is a renown graffiti artist and has been a major force in the Los Angeles art scene since the mid 90’s. He was kind enough to paint a stunning white on white piece in his signature style for the waiting area that makes a huge statement as soon as you enter the space. Near the Renta another item walks, or rather dibbles, the line between installation art and exercise equipment: a basketball hoop plated in real gold (for purchase inquiries please contact Windsor Smith Home). If you go for the slam-dunk you can even do it with a custom Tracy Anderson basketball.

Another shot of Renta’s beautiful work of art “Health is the Greatest Possession. Contentment is the Greatest Treasure” 2013, enamel, acrylic and crystallina on canvas.

Custom basketball hoop plated in real gold (for purchase inquiries contact Windsor Smith Home).

Custom Tracy Anderson Basketballs.

Tracy Anderson is truly becoming a lifestyle brand. You can swing by the studio for one of her delicious fresh pressed juices, kept cool in a beautiful white Traulsen refrigerator. Tracy’s line of meal supplements and shakes in various flavors are also available. A second building at the site, nearing completion, will house Tracy’s fresh food program, making eating healthy easier than ever. And how could I forget the blow dry bar where professional stylists will be on hand to dry and style your hair post workout. Lets be honest, with Tracy Anderson in Brentwood the Westside will have no more excuses not to look gorgeous.

This beautiful white Traulsen refrigerator houses Tracy’s fresh pressed juices.

Whether it’s beautiful art hung across from a basketball hoop or relaxing on beach like lounge chairs after a work out, this space is all about juxtaposition. Warm fluffy white towels are stacked architecturally on gold plated warehouse shelving. The polished metal contrasts with rustic wood surfaces, fresh white fabrics and crisp stone to create a refined yet beachy atmosphere. The zebrano marble floor in the reception area is tiled in a checkerboard pattern making the floor appear as a patchwork of ligaments. The gorgeous white marble I used reminds me of the statues of antiquity. But here chiseled abs and smooth musculature do not belong to deities frozen in stone; they have been sculpted from flesh under the direction of Tracy Anderson.

Soft white towels stacked architecturally on gold plated warehouse shelving.

White marble used throughout the space.

These lavender sticks are used in Tracy’s exercise method.

Swan chair upholstered in a soft white fabric.

This white branded tricycle can be used to deliver Tracy’s fresh pressed juices.

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