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Baja Chic

It would be difficult to find one word that truly captures the essence of California style. There are certainly the obvious influences; the endless sunny days, the breathtaking, physical beauty of a place where land meets sea, the free spirit and enterprising nature of its diverse inhabitants. It is a style that feels confident but is never showy, it is sophisticated yet simple, glamorous and bohemian at the same time.

We have created a room that is a melting pot of all things Californian; there is a nod to surf culture, to Hollywood glam and to the iconic images that are quintessentially California.

It is a multi-purpose space that is part closet, part office, part sitting room but above all it is a space that captures the spirit of a life well lived, of promise and of all things beautiful. We bring to you, Windsor Smith Room in a Flash, Baja Chic.

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