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Goop games room

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Goop games room

Sometimes it is important to re-shuffle the deck when it comes to driving purpose and meaning back into a room. Windsor, through, brought a fresh perspective to the possibilities of Gwyneth's living room in her summer home. The project was featured on, and readers asked for more, and so taking inspiration from the original, we have made a room especially for goop that’s completely shoppable.

Rather than modifying small elements of the space, re-envisioning gave way to a "great room", a gathering place filled with family, music and games. One key component was developing a serene color story allowing a shared, nostalgic experience of board games, musical instruments, and interesting tactile furnishings.

Set down the iPad and pick up the backgammon dice! Inspired by this room, we bring you the Windsor Smith Room in a Flash “goop Games Room”

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