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About Windsor

Windsor Smith, founder and creator of Windsor Smith Home, Windsor Smith Home Collection and Windsor Smith Room in a Box is widely known as a force in the design industry.
Her elegant interiors are infused with a modern sensibility and are frequently featured in shelter magazines. In fact, Windsor was honored by Veranda magazine as one of the top 25 design influencers in their 25-year history.
Windsor has a signature collection with Kravet, and has upcoming lines with Century Furniture and Arteriors Home. Windsor’s design intuition comes from an organic internal instinct and desire to have a life filled with color, texture, style and purpose.
Through her newest venture “Room in a Box,” clients are able to receive Windsor’s custom interiors through an online process that caters directly to their needs as if they were meeting with Windsor in person!

About Room in a Box

Those who know me know that I have always believed that everyone deserves to have beautifully designed rooms. More than ever, our homes are evolving into elevated versions of our offices, where we eat, where we workout and even spa. It is important to us for them to beautifully represent who we are as well as how we aspire to live. The era where having the same living room, offered by big catalogue stores, as several of your friends is coming to a close. Bespoke design is the new paradigm in how rooms are conceived and created. Henceforth,!

Using new technology coupled with the creation of this amazing innovative strategy for design, you can have access to glamorous, publication worthy rooms! My design team and I will carefully curate and scale products tailored to your very specific likes and desired functionality. I am thrilled to be able to offer you a gorgeous and professional bespoke experience similar to what you would hope to achieve through traditional design services for a fraction of the cost. Whether one room at a time or tackling the whole house, we will create your very own unique spaces that you will enjoy and share with your family and guests for years to come!

About Room in a Flash

The incredible response to prompted us to develop and bring to you our newest concept in immediate design gratification. For those who still want luxurious design but at a lower price point and with shorter lead times, we proudly introduce Room-in-a-Flash , an online selection of masterfully designed rooms with products handpicked, curated and edited by me and my team and available to you. Our stunning renderings depict the spaces as I envision them and without leaving our site, you can buy one piece, for the flavor of my signature style, or you can purchase all of the elements that make up the entire room. From the color story and fabrics to furnishings, lighting and art you too can have a Windsor Smith inspired home. Access to the transformative beauty of design has never been this easy.