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Funny You Asked

  • How long will it take for me to receive my box?

    Your box will arrive in approximately 8 weeks from the date that Room In a Box receives your completed design tasks (questionnaire, wall images, images and dimensions of existing furniture you would like to be worked into the design, room measurements/floor plan and inspiration images).

  • What does the design fee include?

    The design fee covers your Room In a Box design, which includes your box and contents -- your design rendering, storyboard, scaled floor plan, furnishing and fabric selections. Your design fee does NOT cover the cost of any products specified or expedited shipping of your box, if desired.

  • Is there someway to estimate in advance the cost of the furnishings you specify for my room?

    The first question on the Lifestyle Questionnaire asks you to select from one of three furnishing targeted budget tiers: Savvy, for furnishing estimated budgets of up to $9,999; Fabulous for furnishing budgets of $10,000 to $18,500; and Luxe for room budgets of $18,500 and over. Please be aware that these are only targets that will help inform our design process and selections and not guarantees. Once you receive your Room In a Box, you can implement the design as specified or substitute items to meet your specific budget. You have final control of when and what you ultimately purchase.

  • If I have questions, special needs, or requests or want to add information during the time my room is being designed, how do I do this?

    You will be able to send messages to Room In a Box through your very own secure My Studio page. Here you will also be able to check the status of your project. All messages are answered within 2 business days.
    Please feel free to use the comment section of our questionnaire to expand upon your specific needs or requirements.

  • Do you have a telephone number where I can call and speak with a designer about my room? I have more information I would like to share.

    We have several ways for you to communicate with us: through the message center on your My Studio page (the preferred method for fastest response time), via email and by calling our toll-free number. Please refer to the Contact Us page for detailed information.

  • Will I be purchasing the items you recommend from Room In a Box directly?

    In some cases you will be purchasing products directly from Room In a Box. In the case that a product is to be purchased from a third party vendor, you will be directed to links shown on your My Studio page.

  • I would like to purchase a "Room" as a gift. Is this possible?

    Yes! It’s the new jewelry! Forget the diamonds – get the room! Please click on the GIFT selection on the Menu of Rooms page.

  • I have turned in my questionnaire and measurements. Do I really need to send the inspiration images? May I just wait for Room In a Box to design what they want?

    The steps to our program were carefully crafted to ensure success. We mean business! The system is designed to not allow you to advance until all of your design tasks have been compiled and submitted. We want to set you up for success.

  • I have decided that I want to change the room I am having Room In a Box design. I have already sent in my questionnaire, measurements and inspiration images. Can I transfer my design fee to a different room and start over?

    You may change rooms while you are still in the process of completing your design tasks. Once you have submitted all of the required design tasks and we have maneuvered our troops, no further changes can be made.

  • I turned in all of my information and have changed my mind. Do you give refunds? How soon do I need to let Room In a Box know that I want to cancel my room?

    You have the right to cancel your purchase of design services for a full refund (less any applicable PayPal, bank or credit card charges or fees), except that such right shall expire upon the earlier of (i) the seventh (7) calendar day after the date of purchase, or (ii) the date on which the Company begins receiving your personal submissions (e.g. room photos, room measurements, inspirational photos). Subject to the foregoing, if you wish to cancel your purchase, you must notify us of your decision to cancel at We will promptly thereafter notify you of your cancellation number.

  • Once my box is delivered will I still be able to communicate with Room In a Box through the My Studio page? What if I want to make changes to some of your selections?

    Our goal is to deliver a design that you are thrilled with. To this end, we are pleased to accommodate changes up to a maximum of three specification substitutions per room.

  • Does Room In a Box keep records of everything you send to me? If I buy a room in the future will you still have my previous information so that I/you can know that my rooms will flow aesthetically?

    Yes, your information is retained on your My Studio page for as long as you elect to keep it online.

  • How do I know if the furnishings you specify for me will all fit in my room?

    It is very important you are accurate when measuring your room. We rely upon the information you send in order to create your scaled room design. Please follow the instructions very carefully, making sure to measure everything and taking extra care in measuring door openings! We cannot be responsible for any incorrect information provided to us. We strongly recommend that you re-measure prior to placing product orders.